E Knack Bar? : A Football Podcast

E Knack Bar? : A Football Podcast

Adam & Uwem

E Knack Bar? is a lot of banter and a whole lot of fun. Hosted by Adam (@adamsbants) and Uwem (@nkereuwxm), it is a weekly podcast with polarising debates on the latest issues in the world of Football (and TwitterNG, of course). Whatever happens every week (because things are always happening), best believe we regular football fans will discuss it. Cheers.

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Lyssna på det sista avsnittet:

Your Panelists for this week: Adam (@adambants), Uwem (@nkereuwxm) and Sam (@Amatey_)

 We discuss:

- The 2021 Balon D'or results; Messi wins his 7th, Lewandowski's consolation tray and our thoughts on the rankings.

- Pedri's Trophy Kopa win, Donnarumma's Yacine and voting bias 

- Manchester United: from Ole to Carrick to Ralf Ragnick. What changes now?

- Player peaks? What is that even?

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