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My Pop's Culture

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My Pop’s Culture is a fun and informative father-and-son podcast that bridges the pop culture gap between generations. 

Ben is a Millennial. His dad, Marshall, a Gen X’er. The pair have a lot in common—they both work in TV and have a love for movies, but the one thing Ben is constantly trying to understand is his dad’s obsession with culture from his childhood, ‘Pop’s Culture,’ as Ben refers to it. 

Both father and son approach pop culture differently.

Ben consumes it through the digital world of mobile and social media, while Marshall devours it through television, radio, and consumer goods. Marshall has always felt that Ben’s interaction with pop culture is fleeting—here today, gone tomorrow—whereas his own experiences with pop culture are ingrained in his psyche.

Even worse, Marshall’s generation of pop culture is ingrained physically in his basement, where he stores hundreds upon hundreds of pop culture items from his past.

Here among the action figures, Archie comics-branded lunch boxes and TV Guide collection is where the podcast is recorded.

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Lyssna på det sista avsnittet:

Producers, writers, directors, and brothers, David and Jerry Zucker talk about their pop culture comedy classic parody Airplane!.

The brothers also take a serious moment to talk about Cancel Culture. “Surely, you’re not serious?”

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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