Reinventing Customer Experience

Reinventing Customer Experience


Staying connected with consumers in today’s rapidly evolving digital world is crucial. So, how do companies deliver personalized experiences while meeting customers where they want to be engaged? On “Reinventing Customer Experience”—the first in a series of podcasts from ZS called “Impact Stories”—ZS’s Arun Shastri and Gopi Vikranth chat with digital, analytics, technology and customer experience leaders from various industries and organizations to understand how they are engaging their customers. Each episode covers a variety of topics, from how companies are transforming their customer experience programs and how they’ve adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic to how they see digital engagement evolving in the future through the use of tools such as AI.

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On this episode of our “Reinventing Customer Experience” podcast, ZS principals Arun Shastri and Gopi Vikranth chat with Meenakshi Nagarajan, SVP, recurring revenue and loyalty at Panera.

Meenakshi brings rich knowledge from PepsiCo, Domino's and Sweetgreen. She has consistently been recognized as a top marketer and has served on the board of directors at Lou Malnati’s. Meenakshi is a founding member of Chief, a private network built to drive more women into power and keep them there. 

Listen as they discuss the role of personalization, creating a true omnichannel experience and prioritizing leading-edge initiatives. Meenakshi also shares more around the launch of its loyalty program and how Panera keeps its consumers not only engaged but empowered through digital and in-person interactions. 

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