The Whole Mama - A Podcast with Jenna Gibbons

The Whole Mama - A Podcast with Jenna Gibbons

Jenna Gibbons

Motherhood is life-changing, joyful, and often messy - literally! Join Jenna Gibbons, straight from her barn, as she shares powerful ways to embrace the mess and thrive in motherhood and learning at home. This podcast will empower, educate, and provide the tools to succeed in motherhood and raise compassionate and confident lifelong learners. If you are ready to join a community of mothers ready for change, throw something comfy on, grab a mug of your favorite drink, and start listening!

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Join me as I chat with fellow homeschool mama and photographer, Gina Whalen, about her inspiring story of healing and why it's so incredibly important to know what your family is eating and what products you are using in your home. 

5 Ways to Start TODAY:
1.  Slowly remove harmful home products
2.  Gradually replace body and beauty products 
3.  Go simple with food (more in the show)

Cleaning + Beauty Products:
1. Branch Basics
2. Earthley
3. Crunchi

Best Essential Oils:
1. Plant Therapy
2. Doterra

1. The Clean Mama
2. Just Ingredients
3. Gina's FREE Guide
4. The Food Babe

Use Instead of Seed Oils:
1. Butter (organic and if possible, grass-fed)
2. Lard/tallow
3. Olive oil
4. Avocado oil

Grocery Stores:
1. Kroger Pick-Up (great organic options)
2. Aldi (great meat options + dye-free products)
3. Costco (great organic options)
4. Thrive

1. EWG
2. Yuka
3. Trash Panda
4. Think Dirty

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