Coffee Break Swedish

Coffee Break Swedish

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Learn Swedish with teacher Hanna and her student Mark. Each lesson is like going for a coffee (or a fika!) with your friend who happens to speak Swedish and is helping you learn in a relaxed, enjoyable way.

Coffee Break Swedish is not a simple series of "listen and repeat" audio programmes: in each lesson Hanna explains how the language works, helping Mark - and you - to manipulate the language and use it in practical situations. As a learner Mark asks questions, and makes mistakes, so through Hanna's explanations, corrections and pronunciation tips you'll build your confidence and begin to understand and speak the language.

You'll also build your cultural knowledge with the help of our cultural correspondent Emma who shares information on Swedish culture in many of the lessons.

In the same time it takes you to sit down and enjoy a coffee in your favourite coffee shop, you can make progress with your Swedish. Our 15-20 minute lessons are perfect to keep you focused and let you develop your confidence in regular sessions.

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Lyssna på det sista avsnittet:

Welcome to the final lesson from Season 1 of Coffee Break Swedish! This week we take some time to reflect on what Mark and Catriona have learned during their travels in Sweden, giving us an excellent opportunity to practise both the past and perfect tenses. We learn some new phrases and also review some key points when it comes to the verb "to think". Are you ready? Låt oss börja!

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