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Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.

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Briana Blackett was a journalist working in Qatar when she realised her baby son Max wasn't responding to his name. When Max was diagnosed with autism, and in time her second son Freddy was too, she left Doha to begin an entirely different life (R)

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  • 2314 - Briana, Max and Freddy: love, trains and mouth music 
    Tue, 21 Mar 2023 - 0h
  • 2313 - The Vietnam vet and the Arnhem Land community 
    Mon, 20 Mar 2023 - 0h
  • 2312 - The Great Fire of Salonika 
    Fri, 17 Mar 2023 - 0h
  • 2311 - Alex and the tree-climbing lions 
    Thu, 16 Mar 2023 - 0h
  • 2310 - Louise Kennedy on Belfast, bombs and a disastrous pav 
    Wed, 15 Mar 2023 - 0h
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